Dear customers / visitors, Lacantus will no longer offer antiques, vintages or collectibles in its catalogue.

Lacantus began selling high-end new products (with tags), and due to the suggestion of antique dealer friends who needed to promote their own items, Lacantus began to offer it in its catalog to promote and advertise them in its sales channels.

Our partner networks had begun to grow from Europe and the United States, not only in the area of antiques and collectibles but also in the area of storage, shipping and fulfillment.

Later we learned the complexity of this type of business, and that this is a high risk industry, and we also faced very bad experiences with very large, competitive, and dishonest companies. For all these reasons we’ve decided that we will step aside and focus only on new high-end and high-quality products: women’s clothing, men’s clothing, decoration, electronics, etc.

This is not a definitive decision, because our project is to restructure this section of our business, and return strengthened in the future, not only with partners, but also with our own work team specialized in these areas.

That is why today we will return to our origins, and we will focus only on our partners in high-end and high-quality new products produced mainly in Europe and the United States. 

We will never sell anything from China unless it meets our standards of high quality design and materials. With that said, we invite you to visit our new sister site (still under construction), focused only on men’s and women’s clothing:

Thank you very much for your understanding.

Lacantus Administrator.