Be Welcome to our Promoters / Advertirsers / Influencers / Marketers Team

We never share with others Affiliates your Marketing Techniques to communicate anything related to Lacantus Store.
Feel free to build your own strategy using diverse communication channels, in order to Spread / Broadcast / Promote / Disseminate Lacantus Store Brand, Products & Services. I kindly invite you to carefully read the Affilliates Program Terms of Services.

Now let me give you a little introduction to be part of the Business Opportunities on Lacantus World Today.
Lacantus Store isn’t a simple website but a Modern Platform with multiple Worldwide Services as the following:

1. Lacantus Store – The Best Collection of High Quality – ONLINE SHOP 

Luxury Jewellery, Watches, Shoes, Suits, Eco-clothing for Women and more!
For Professionals in Marketing on the Luxury and High-End Universe. Earn up to 10% for each Luxury Product Sold.

2. Lacantus Store – SERVICES

  • Private World Auctions for Modern & Ancient Art:

Lacantus Store have in stock more than 10,000 Antiquities and Artworks Ready for Auctions!
Earn up to 15 & 20% from each Auction Result, knowing that any result can be around $5,000 USD / $150,000 USD, your profits could be very important. There are currently no Auction Houses sharing benefits with Affiliates or Marketers from Auction Results. Great Opportunity!

  • Crowdfunding Contest for Events:

Promote any Event (Wedding, Reunion, Ceremony, Conference, Music Show, etc) through your channels, that need to raise funds to finance their projects running Contests!
Earn Up to 30%, 40% or 50% in Commissions from each Donation made! More people donate, more your Commission Incomes increase!

  • Luxury Art Competitions & Luxury Interactive Competitions:

Beside the Crowdfunding Contest For Events, Lacantus Store has a full architecture to run Arts (Photography, Design 2D/3D, Drawing, Painting, Video & Music) & Interactive Competitions, where Winners can win Extraordinary Luxury Prizes ! Check the following page to see the Competitions that we’ve created for some of our Affiliates / Partners:
Contests and Giveaways have a wonderful potential on marketing strategies today. Earn Up to 50% by Ticket Contest Sold. If you have an specific audience / target, Lacantus Store can also set for you your own Competition !

3. Lacantus Store for Sellers / Vendors – High-End – Luxury Level – Artworks / Handicrafts / High-Tech:

Lacantus Store has developed a New service for Vendors / Sellers (similar to Ebay, Amazon or Etsy) but giving priority only to ExclusiveUnique and High Quality Products & Services created for the Highest Human Intellect like paintings, handicrafts or even High-Tech are Welcome!
How does Lacantus Commissions System works here? If you are able to attract High Quality Sellers / Vendors to create their own stores on Lacantus Store, you could earn Up to 2% by each product sold by Vendor for 2 years. Notice that Lacantus Store commission by Vendor / Product is just 6%, so the 2% is more 30% in commissions, it means that you can be similar to a Lacantus Partner more than just an Affiliated ! 

4. Lacantus Affiliates Friends & Colleagues: 

If you feel that using your Communication Channels and Strategies you are able to attract New Lacantus Affiliates, Lacantus Store also has an Smart Commission System for you!
You can earn Up to 1% from each Affiliated (Registered and Accepted) generating incomes on Lacantus Store. How does it works? If each Lacantus Affiliated is earning commissions through our multiples commission system, including products and services: Lacantus Store SHOP, Lacantus Auctions, Lacantus Contests for Events, Lacantus Luxury Competitions, Lacantus for Sellers / Vendors, etc. Just think and estimate for a moment 1 Affiliated or 50 Affiliated providing you 1% from any of these Commercials Activities !  The amount of revenues could be bigger than you imagine ! It’s an Exceptional Opportunity For You !

Feel free to Contact Us if you have any question !


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