1. Lacantus Store judges will select the final winner for all Lacantus Luxury Contests (except for the Luxury Interactive Contest explained below). The judges are professionals in music, photography, painting, drawing, 2d design, 3d design, cinematography, publicity and advertising.

2. Exception: For the Luxury Interactive Contest the participants will not be judged by any jury, judge or physical person, because a sophisticated automated system will objectively select the winner based solely on the Highest Score of “how many clicks”, mouse movements, time spent, etc.

3. The judging panel shall assess and select the Winner for each Category of the Luxury Picture Contest, the Winner for each Category of the 60 Seconds Video Contest and the Winner for each Category of the 60 Seconds Music Contest. The results and the winners will be announced on our Lacantus Facebook’s page and Lacantus Store‘s pages/blog and/or subdomains, and social networks.

4. The decision of Lacantus Store’s judging panel will be final and binding on all Participants in respect to all matters relating to the Contest.

5- Aspects that the judges will take into account to Select the Winner(s):

a) Originality, Creativity and Composition For Pictures and Videos: Rule of Thirds, Centred Composition and Symmetry, Foreground Interest and Depth, Frame Within the Frame, Leading Lines, Diagonals and Triangles, Patterns and Textures, Rule of Odds, Fill the Frame, Leave Negative Space, Simplicity and Minimalism, Isolate the Subject, Change your Point of View, Look for Particular Color Combinations, Rule of Space, Left to Right Rule, Balance Elements in the Scene, Juxtaposition, Golden Triangles, Golden Ratio.

b) Originalitiy, Creativity and Composition for Pictures: Tell the story, Create relationships, Think in thumbnails, Know shape matters, Develop dynamic symmetry (Line art,  Identify edges, Check placement of elements, Apply the Golden Ratio, Channel The Rule of Thirds) Use implied lines, Reinforce those focal points.

c) Originality, Creativity, Camera Movement, Shots & Composition for Videos: Zoom, Pan, Tilt, Dolly, Truck, Pedestal, Establishing shot, Full shot, Medium shot,  Close shot, Extreme close shot, Up shot, Down shot, Over the shoulder shot, Two shot, Point of view shot, etc. For better details about Shots and Camera Movement click here.

d) Originality, Creativity and Color Composition for Pictures and Videos: Monochromatic, Analogous, Complementary, Triadic, Discordant Colors, Associative Colors, Transitional Colors. 

e) Originality, Creativity and Composition for Music: Rhythm, Dynamics, Melody, Harmony, Tone color, Texture, Form, etc.

Originality, Creativity and Composition for pictures, videos and music will value 90% for the final decision.

Technical Aspects: originality, resources, materials, complexity, creativity and solutions, will value 10% for the final decision.

c) Summarizing: Originality 30% + Creativity 30% + Composition 30% + Technical Aspects 10% = 100% total.

6) Exceptional cases: Only if the judges have any difficulty choosing between two possible Winners (for the First, Second or Third Award), the winner will be Selected by the oldest Submission Form received on our platform. This means that, between two possible Winners, the participant who first submitted their picture(s) / video(s) or song(s) on our site will have 1% more chances to win against the other competitor, even if there is a difference of just one second when sending the Submission Form.

7) Once the contest date is over, the judges can take between 15 and 20 days to decide the winner of the contest.

8) The winner will be notified by email. Lacantus Store will create a post (on facebook, twitter and Lacantus Store site) announcing the Final Winner for each Awards (First, Second & Third Awards), and the general reasons that defined the Winner’s choice. A selection of the best works (without winner award) will be also published.