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LACANTUS will send a disbursement to your bank account within 15 business days after your campaign ends, provided your bank account information is correct and accurate. To prevent delays, please ensure your bank information is complete and correct before your campaign ends!

LACANTUS is a Flexible Funding: Keep Your Money No Matter What.

LACANTUS flexible funding: if any amount of money will help you reach your campaign objective and you’ll still be able to fulfill your Rewards. Flexible funding is suitable for almost all the campaigns on LACANTUS. With flexible funding, you keep all funds, even if you do not meet your goal!

For this funding type, contributions are held until the end of your campaign and then sent to your bank within 15 business days after your campaign has ended. Once you have received your first contribution, you’ll receive all your raised funds details by email.

When do I get my money?

Your initial disbursement is sent within 15 business days after your campaign ends, provided your bank account information is complete and accurate. We strongly recommend all campaigners complete their Secure Bank Form within 15 days of launching their campaign. We will send you regular reminders to complete your bank form by email. If you raise more than 1000 in your currency, LACANTUS could automatically hold 5% of your funds for refunds backers and chargebacks. (See also How do I choose my funding goal?)

Please note that LACANTUS can only send your funds if you have raised more than 100 in your currency after fees. Learn more.

15 business days seems like a long time. Can I get my money faster?

LACANTUS’s Trust & Safety team has a thorough review process for every campaign before we send any funds to the bank account. Once a campaign ends, or bank information is updated, the campaign enters our disbursement cycle the following week. Funds are then sent in a batch once a week. It’s definitely possible that you could receive your funds in fewer than 15 business days (10 or 7 days), but that is our publicized time frame.

I forgot to enter my bank account info before my campaign ended! Can I still get my money?

It depends. You have 60 days from your campaign’s start date to complete your bank form. If you have not entered your bank account information within 60 days of your campaign’s start date, all funds could be refunded to your backers. If you have difficulty or concerns with completing your bank form, please contact us.

Why didn’t I get my money? It’s been more than 15 business days!

There may be several reasons why a campaigner has not received their funds within 15 business days. We’ll walk you through troubleshooting some of the most common issues here:

  1. First, make sure that 15 business days have passed, not just 15 days.
    • As LACANTUS is using US banks and payment processors for disbursement, please consider US Business Days and Holidays.
  2. We aren’t able to disburse funds if the bank account information is incomplete or inaccurate. Please ensure that you’ve entered allthe required bank account information and that its correct.
    • For help entering your bank information, please see this article.
  3. If your bank account information was not added or complete by the end of your campaign, you should expect funds to be disbursed up to 15 business days after you enter the bank account information.
  4. Double check that your bank account information is correct- when in doubt, confirm with your bank.
    • If a campaigner enters incorrect bank information, this can cause delays as the bank may reject the funds and return the funds to LACANTUS if they can find no account matching the information entered.
  5. If you raised less than $100 in your currency by your deadline date, your backers will be refunded and you will be notified via email.

These tips should help most cases! However, if you are past the 15 business day window since your campaign ended or since you entered all your bank account information (whichever was later), and you have not seen an email from LACANTUS letting you know we’ve disbursed your funds, you can get in touch with LACANTUS’s Customer Team. Please outline the issue and our Payments Support Team can look into your specific case.

I got an email that my funds couldn’t be sent. Why?

Your bank account information could be incorrect. We highly recommend you contact your bank to get the numbers requested on the Secure Bank Form before filling it out to prevent issues with receiving your funds.

We are typically notified within 5-9 business days after the disbursement date, at which point we will ask then you to update your bank account information. If you have not received funds or a rejection notification within 10 days of receiving our email notice that they’ve been sent, please contact us.

If the email you received informs you that all your backers have been refunded, you may not have raised enough to meet the minimum disbursement amount. LACANTUS can only send funds if you have raised more than 100 in your currency after fees by the scheduled disbursement date.

Please consider that the minimum goal amount for a campaign, regardless of whether you choose fixed or flexible funding, is 500 (USD/CAD/GBR/EUR/AUD).

Please Note: LACANTUS will attempt to disburse funds to the bank account, using the information entered by the campaign owner. In the rare case a bank has limitations in place and cannot receive funds from LACANTUS, LACANTUS will notify the campaigner and will work with them to attempt a disbursement to an alternate bank account. If, ultimately, the funds are unable to be received due to limitations on the banks’ receiving end, LACANTUS may issue refunds to the backers instead of a disbursement to the Campaigner.



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