Best way to choose my funding goal

Your goal is one of the most important elements of your campaign, so it is important to set it thoughtfully. Setting a realistic goal will help you increase credibility as it demonstrates that you’ve carefully considered the costs of bringing your idea to life.

We recommend setting your goal to the smallest amount you need to complete your project and fulfill your Rewards. This will help your campaign build momentum faster. Please note that the minimum goal amount for a campaign, regardless of whether you choose fixed or flexible funding, is 500 (USD/CAD/GBR/EUR/AUD). It’s also important to keep in mind LACANTUS’s fees, as well as our Chargeback feature when deciding on your goal.

Raising the first 30%

We find that most campaigns that hit their goal raise about 30% of their funds from their own networks. An easy way to calculate your goal is to create a list of of your existing supporters, friends and family with approximate amounts you think they’d be willing to contribute. This total amount represents 30% of your goal.

  • When new visitors to your campaign see that others trust you with their money, it gives them the confidence to contribute.
  • This initial funding also gives your campaign momentum that can be leveraged for marketing and press.
  • You can always exceed your funding goal: On average, campaigns that hit their goals exceed them by 42%.
  • You don’t need to raise all the funds you need with just one campaign. You can run a different campaign for each unique stage of your project.

Review Your Goal Before Launch

Since your funding goal cannot be changed once your campaign is live, please review your goal before launching. Keep in mind that fees and cost of Rewards fulfillment, such as shipping costs, will absorb a percentage of your earnings. Shipping costs are counted in your campaign total funds, so be sure you calculate these additional costs when formulating your campaign’s goal.

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