Selling Rules


  1. All New Sellers are welcome to become LACANTUS Seller Partners. But you have to acknowledge that LACANTUS sales policies not only apply and are functional between you as sellers and buyers, but the accuracy of the information you provide for each listed item will allow us to promote your product / item in external sales channels, cooperating third-party operators of websites, applications, services, and tools and even sell it. That means that you enter into a direct contract with LACANTUS as a Seller Partner, and any unprofessional or dishonest behavior as a Seller will be resolved to the benefit of LACANTUS, as determined by our Selling Policies and General Terms and Conditions.
  2. You understand and agree that you may sell to buyers directly through the LACANTUS platform operating as a LACANTUS partner, but that LACANTUS will promote and offer your items for sale in other online commercial channels, cooperating third-party operators of websites, applications, services, and advertising tools. This means that you accept that LACANTUS is the official seller of your items in any external environment to
  3. If LACANTUS, promoting or offering the seller’s items for sale in channels outside of LACANTUS, finds that your items are being offered in those same commercial channels simultaneously, you will still have the right to offer your items on, but LACANTUS will stop all promotional, advertising and commercial activity with respect to your items definitively.


Terms of Sale Policy for High-Value Items


Setting and meeting expectations in a listing’s terms of sale ensures a smooth transaction and buyer satisfaction, while helping LACANTUS remain a reputable marketplace.

What is the policy?

Setting clear buyer expectations and then meeting or exceeding them is a great way to make your buyer happy and ensure a smooth transaction.

Sellers should provide clear and accurate terms and conditions, and are required to meet the expectations they have set in their listings. These should include:

  • Shipping services, costs, and handling time. A shipping service that ensures safe and timely delivery, including when offering free shipping, should be used.
    Note: As all transactions in LACANTUS should be for High-Value Items only, they are required to have signature confirmation to be protected if the buyer reports they didn’t receive the item. Learn more about Signature Confirmation requirements below.
  • The forms of payment accepted and that can be selected in LACANTUS checkout
  • A returns policy:
    • Clearly stated criteria under which a return will be accepted
    • Clearly stated time period in which the buyer must notify the seller about a return
    • Who will pay return shipping
    • How refunds will be issued
  • Clearly stated taxes or applicable government-imposed fees
  • Compliance with the Presale listings policy (learn more below), where applicable
  • Having items in an inventory or having an existing agreement with a third party to fulfill the delivery of the item under the terms of the listing

Activity that doesn’t follow LACANTUS policy could result in a range of actions including for example: administratively ending or canceling listings, hiding or demoting all listings from search results, lowering seller rating, buying or selling restrictions, and account suspension. All fees paid or payable in relation to listings or accounts on which we take any action will not be refunded or otherwise credited to your account.

Buyers and sellers are entering a contract when they complete transactions, so it’s necessary to have clear details on what the transaction entails in order to guarantee satisfaction. This policy also helps sellers meet our performance standards.

Some of the simplest things you can do are to provide accurate and consistent details about your items and to be clear and specific about the terms and conditions of the sale. You should also make every effort to provide excellent customer service from start to finish, including:

  • Charging reasonable shipping and handling costs
  • Specifying your handling time and return policy in your listing
  • Responding to buyers’ questions promptly
  • Being professional throughout the transaction
  • Making sure the item is delivered to the buyer as described in your listing
  • Frequently reviewing and updating listings to make sure all information – such as inventory status and item condition – is accurate and up to date

Make sure you follow these guidelines. If you don’t, you may be subject to a range of actions. We may limit, restrict, or suspend you from buying, selling, or using site features. All of your listings may be removed, displayed lower or not shown in search results, without refunding any or all applicable fees. You may also forfeit special account status and any discounts. You may be subject to the application of fees and recovery of our expenses in policy monitoring and enforcement.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to specify the location of the item in my listing?

Buyers like to know where the item is being shipped from as it helps to give them an idea of how much shipping will cost and how long it might take for the item to arrive. Having an inaccurate item location can cause confusion and lead to a poor experience for your buyer.

What to do

  • Include accurate item location descriptions. The city and state, or city and country should match appropriately. For example:
    • Hong Kong, China
    • Sydney, Australia
    • Omaha, Nebraska, United States

What not to do

  • Provide incorrect or inaccurate item location
  • State ‘U.S.’ when the item is actually being shipped from China
  • Include inaccurate, vague, or misleading item location descriptions, such as:
    • Beijing, United Kingdom
    • Hong Kong, United Kingdom
    • Worldwide, Singapore
    • Direct from manufacturer to, United States
    • Somewhere in Florida, United States

What should I include in my terms and conditions?

Be very clear and thorough about the terms of the transaction and include information about the forms of payment you accept, any taxes or other applicable fees, shipping and handling, and your return policy. Being upfront and honest about these terms helps build trust and provides a positive buying experience for your customers.

Do I have to accept returns?

You don’t have to accept returns, but we highly recommend you do – it might help you attract more buyers. If you do accept returns, make sure you specify the time period in which you accept returns, who pays for the return postage, and how the refund is issued.


Buyers expect their items to be delivered on time, especially when they pay additional fees for expedited shipping services. Using a slower shipping service than the one selected by the buyer during checkout may result in the item being delivered later than expected, and an increase in claims for items not received.

What to do

  • Offer shipping service options in your listings only after reviewing their costs and delivery speeds
  • Ship items using shipping service options with features that meet or exceed those the buyer selected

What to charge

  • Actual shipping cost: This is the amount for shipping the item. It should be what you paid the carrier.
  • Handling cost: This can include the cost of packaging materials and insurance cost, if any.
  • Delivery confirmation and extra services:If you choose to use these options, you must add them to your shipping and handling costs, and you can only charge what they actually cost.

Buyers want to know when they can expect to get their items.

What to do

  • Specify in your listing clearly and accurately when the item will be shipped.
  • Ship items within the handling time you state in your listing.
  • Use tracking, delivery confirmation, or signature confirmation. Using delivery confirmation can help protect you if a buyer claims an item wasn’t received.
  • You’re required to select the shipping option that best matches the shipping service that you offer in the listing. This helps set buyer expectations about when the item will be delivered.

What not to do

  • If your funds are not immediately available from payments for an item you sold, you’re not allowed to hold shipment until the funds are released.


It’s important that you clearly specify the terms and conditions of the sale in your listing so that buyers know what to expect.

What to do

You’re required to include the following details in your listing:

  • Forms of payment you accept
  • Return policy
  • Shipping method, costs, and other information
  • Taxes and any applicable government imposed fees (such as electronic waste disposal fees)
  • Terms of the transaction

You’re required to meet the expectations you’ve set in your listing:

  • Ensure the safe delivery of the item within the timeframe stated in your listing
  • Comply with the Presale listings policy where applicable
  • Items you list must be in your inventory or you must have an existing agreement with a third party to fulfill the delivery of the item under the terms of your listing


Providing tracking details for items you’ve sold is an industry standard and something that your buyers expect. Tracking data lets buyers know where their item is throughout the shipping process, and can be critical in cases where the buyer claims they didn’t receive an item.

What to do

  • Send accurate tracking details to your customer.
  • Send tracking details within your specified handling time.


Item description

The listing page is where buyers get most of their information about an item. Information in the listing helps buyers decide what to buy and know what to expect when they receive the item. It’s important to make sure that the listing is only used to describe the item for sale and to communicate the terms of the sale in a professional way.

You’re required to:

  • Specify the condition of the item
  • Describe any defects or flaws in the item – this helps avoid problems or buyer dissatisfaction

Note: When selling a used, refurbished, or flawed item, you must include photos of the actual item for sale instead of a stock photo.


Cancel orders

You may need to cancel an order because the item is broken or out of stock, you made a mistake in your listing, the buyer requested to cancel the order, there’s a problem with the buyer’s shipping address, or the buyer hasn’t paid.

What to do

  • Cancel the order within 30 days of the sale
  • Choose a reason for the cancellation.

What not to do

  • Don’t cancel the order more than 30 days after the sale
  • Don’t select the wrong cancellation reason in order to avoid a defect on your account, receive a final value fee credit, or remove or block buyer feedback


Do whatever you can to provide excellent customer service. Meeting or exceeding buyers’ expectations can help you improve your performance on LACANTUS.

What to do

  • Respond promptly to any questions during the bidding or buying process, as well as after the item has been purchased
  • Communicate professionally, including emails
  • Be responsive to any buyer concerns or problems

What not to do

  • You’re not allowed to use profane or offensive language with anyone on LACANTUS
  • You’re not allowed to send anyone on LACANTUS inappropriate images including nudity, profanity or other general content not related to an LACANTUS listing



You aren’t required to accept returns, but if you do, you must honor your stated returns policy.

When you choose to accept returns, a buyer can return an item for any reason, including if they change their mind about a purchase. As long as the return meets your stated return requirements, you are required to honor the return.

What to do

  • If you accept returns, you must clearly state the criteria under which you will accept a return. This may include (but isn’t limited to):
    • The time period in which a buyer must notify you about a return
    • Who pays for return shipping
    • How the refund is issued (money back, replacement, or exchange)

Remember, buyers who purchase from you are entering in to a contract with you based on the details you included in your listing, including what you stated in your returns policy. Therefore, you may not add to or alter your returns criteria once an item has been purchased.

Even if you specify that you don’t accept returns, a buyer may be able to open an LACANTUS Money Back Guarantee case for eligible items if they didn’t receive an item or the item doesn’t match the listing description.


Along with the description, photos are the most important part of a listing. Photos help buyers to see exactly what they’re getting as well as specific details they may be looking for. When selling used items, photos are especially important because they let the buyer see the actual condition of the item along with other details like color.


Listing Conditions

When listing an item for sale on our Services, you agree to comply with LACANTUS‘s General Terms and Conditions and Selling Policies and also agree that:

  • You assume full responsibility for the item offered and the accuracy and content of the listing,
  • Your listing may not be immediately searchable by keyword or category for several hours (or up to 24 hours in some circumstances). LACANTUS can’t guarantee exact listing duration,
  • The content you provide complies with all of our listing policies, including the Images, videos and text policy,
  • Content that violates any of LACANTUS‘s policies may be modified, obfuscated, or deleted at LACANTUS‘s sole discretion,
  • We may revise product data associated with listings to supplement, remove, or correct information,
  • We strive to create a marketplace where buyers find what they are looking for. Therefore, the appearance or placement of listings in search and browse results will depend on a variety of factors, including, but not limited to:
    • buyer’s location, search query, browsing site, and history;
    • item’s location, listing format, price and shipping cost, terms of service, end time, history, and relevance to the user query;
    • seller’s history, including listing practices, LACANTUS policy compliance, feedback, and defect rate; and
    • number of listings matching the buyer’s query,
  • To drive a positive user experience, a listing may not appear in some search and browse results regardless of the sort order chosen by the buyer,
  •  LACANTUS‘s Duplicate listings policy may also affect whether your listing appears in search results,
  • Metatags and URL links that are included in a listing may be removed or altered,
  • We may provide you with optional recommendations to consider when creating your listings. Such recommendations may be based on the aggregated sales and performance history of similar sold and/or current listings; results may vary for individual listings. To drive the recommendations experience, you agree that we may display the sales and performance history of your individual listings to other sellers,
  • You will not sell and will promptly remove all listings for any product recalled by a manufacturer or governmental agency if the sale of the product is prohibited by law or regulation or the product poses a health or safety hazard as specified by any governmental agency. LACANTUS has no responsibility or liability for the safety or performance of any product that you list or sell using our Services, including any product that is subject to a recall. You are solely responsible for any non-conformity or defect in, or compliance with any public or private recall of any product you list or sell using our Services,
  •  LACANTUS may publish and promote your listings, including related content such as username, product reviews and feedback on the websites or in the applications, services, and tools of other eBay Inc. corporate family members or cooperating third-party operators of websites, applications, services, and tools, and
  • Selling fees do not purchase exclusive rights to item exposure on our Services. We may display third-party advertisements (including links and references thereto) or other content in any part of our Services, including listings, in our sole discretion and without consent from, or payment, fee reduction, or other credit to, sellers.


Seller protections

When you deliver on your service promises to create good buying experiences, we will protect you from abusive buying behavior and from events outside your control.

Frequently Asked Questions

How am I protected from abusive buyers?

If LACANTUS finds a buyer’s behavior is abusive, we will take action on the buyer and remove negative and neutral feedback and defects, including opened cases in service disputes.

What if something happens that is outside of my control?

We will protect you by removing negative and neutral feedback and defects when things happen that are outside your control, such as weather or carrier delays, or when the item arrives late but tracking shows you shipped on time.

Protections for all sellers

Abusive buying activity

When we determine that a buyer has violated the LACANTUS policy, we will remove any feedback and defects posted by that buyer, including opened cases in service disputes. For abusive buyers, we may also limit the ability to file return requests on the LACANTUS site. In serious cases or repeated abusive behavior, we may suspend the buyer’s account.

You can help us by reporting the buyer and clearly describing what they are doing. This will help us investigate potential policy violations and take actions to protect you.

A buyer demanded something not offered in the original listing

You never have to agree to any changes to the terms in your listing (e.g., adding additional items or discounts). If a buyer demands a change to what you originally offered, you can choose to either cancel the order, or you can complete the transaction under the original terms. We will remove feedback and canceled transaction defects when we can see the buyer’s demands in LACANTUS messages.


Refunding the buyer

When you agree to give the buyer their money back, or once you receive the returned item, you’ll need to issue their refund within 2 business days. If you don’t refund the buyer within 2 business days of receiving the item, we may automatically issue a refund to them on your behalf.

When you issue a refund to the buyer

  • They’ll be refunded through their original payment method. In most cases, the refund takes 3 to 5 business days to process. However, depending on the payment method the buyer used, it can take up to 30 days
  • We’ll automatically relist your item for you. If you don’t want your item to be relisted, simply uncheck the Relist item box when issuing the refund


I don’t accept returns, why am I getting a request from the buyer?

Buyers can always submit a return request, even if your returns policy says you don’t accept returns. Whether you need to accept the return depends on their reason for opening the return.

If the buyer is asking to return the item because it’s damaged, faulty, or didn’t match your listing description, then you need to accept the return. If they’ve opened the return for another reason, for instance if they ordered the wrong item or changed their mind, then you aren’t required to accept the return – however, where possible we always suggest providing a great customer experience.

What happens if the item is damaged while it’s being returned?

When returning an item, it’s the buyer’s responsibility to ensure that it’s packed properly and protected during shipping. If the item is damaged while it’s being returned to you, you may be entitled to offer them a reduced refund.

What happens if the buyer doesn’t send the item back?

Once you’ve accepted a return, the buyer should send the item back to you as soon as possible. If we don’t see any indication that the item is on its way after 15 business days, we may close the return and protect you from negative feedback. Keep in mind that some returns can remain open for up to 35 business days.


LACANTUS Money Back Guarantee policy

LACANTUS Money Back Guarantee covers most transactions on LACANTUS. It means buyers can get their money back if an item didn’t arrive, is faulty or damaged, or doesn’t match the listing.

Coverage, eligibility requirements, and exclusions

LACANTUS Money Back Guarantee applies when:

  • The buyer doesn’t receive an item
  • The item received by the buyer doesn’t match the listing, for example:
    • The seller sent the wrong item, or
    • The item arrives broken, damaged, or faulty
  • The seller doesn’t fulfil their return policy as stated in the listing

As a buyer, for your transaction to be eligible for LACANTUS Money Back Guarantee:

  • You must complete and pay for your purchase on using an eligible payment method at checkout;
  • You must meet the requirements specified in this policy, including taking action within the required time frames;
  • The item may not be an excluded item or subject to any additional exclusions; and
  • You may not seek resolution for the same issue by another resolution method

As a seller, for transactions where LACANTUS Money Back Guarantee applies:

  • You are responsible for delivering the item that was described in the listing, honoring your stated return policy, and providing a resolution when a buyer reports a problem with an order
  • If the purchase was completed on, you must meet the requirements specified in this policy, including taking action within the required time frames, even if the item was listed on a different LACANTUS site

Selling fees

If we compare the eBay and etsy fees with LACANTUS, you can see that there is a big difference.

Marketplaces Fees




Insertion Fee Listing Yes Yes No!
Monthly listing renewal fee Yes Yes No!
Store subscription fees Yes No! No!
Fees for optional listing upgrades (Subtitle, bold, etc.) Yes Not available. No!
Fee for selling or promoting in other sales channels. Not available. Yes No!
Charged per listing and per category Yes Yes No!
Charged for the original listing and each time you choose to relist your item Yes Yes No!
Charged only once per listing for listings with multiple items Yes No! No!

Final value fees

We only charge one final value fee when your item sells, and you don’t have to worry about third-party payment processing fees. This fee is calculated as a percentage of the total amount of the sale: 15% plus $5 per order.

The total amount of the sale includes the item price, any handling charges, the shipping service the buyer selects, sales tax, and any other applicable fees.

The 15% plus $5 per order fee applies for all the accepted categories:

  • Antique (Art: Paintings, Sculptures, Vases, etc).
  • Antiquities (Jewelry, Coins, Sculptures, Carved Stones).
  • Jewelry (Vintage, Antique, Estate, etc).
  • Gemstones (Diamonds, Colored Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies).
  • Watches (Vintage, Antique, Estate, Pocket Watches).
  • Modern Art (Paintings, Drawings, Sculptures, etc).
  • Furniture (Modern, Vintage, Antique).
  • Signed Design (High-End and Luxury Decor).
  • Comics (Posters, Cards, Signed, etc).
  • Signed Memorabilia (Posters, Publicity Photographs, Films, Books, etc).


LACANTUS fee avoidance policy

Avoiding LACANTUS fees is not allowed, whether intentional or not. Sellers attempting to avoid LACANTUS fees create risk for themselves, and a poor experience for buyers.

Examples of avoiding fees includes making offers to buy or sell outside of LACANTUS, requiring the buyer to make additional purchases, or charging excessive shipping fees.

What is the policy?

Sellers are prohibited from activities that avoid LACANTUS fees, intentionally or not. This includes:

  • Making offers to buy or sell outside of LACANTUS
  • Linking or promoting sites, items, or catalogs that can be used to order items outside of LACANTUS
  • Requiring a buyer to make additional purchases or to agree to terms outside of the listing
  • Charging excessive shipping and additional fees not already included in the price of the item, or passing seller fees on to the buyer
  • Falsely canceling orders using Buyer hasn’t paid as a reason, or refusing payment at the end of a successful transaction
  • Changing the information in a listing to sell a different item instead of listing a new item


Tax policy


Sellers must follow all tax regulations that apply to LACANTUS sales.

As LACANTUS can’t give tax advice, sellers should contact the appropriate tax authority for more information about their tax obligations.

Sellers are responsible for paying taxes associated with using LACANTUS, in accordance with all applicable laws.

Sales tax and similar consumer taxes

In any jurisdiction where LACANTUS has an obligation to collect sales tax, or similar consumer taxes, on sales or purchases you make using LACANTUS Services (for example, Goods and Services Tax (GST) in Australia, or Internet Sales Tax (IST) in certain states in the US), you agree that LACANTUS may collect such taxes.


Prohibited and restricted items

In order to comply with local legal restrictions, some categories of products are restricted, or completely banned from being listed.

If you’re not sure if an item you’re intending to list is allowed, take a look at the relevant policy from the list below to find out.


LACANTUS prohibited and restricted items policies

Adult (anything related to pornography)

Airsoft, air rifles & BB guns


Animal products

Animal traps

Artifacts and cave formations

Beta & OEM software


Chance listings

Charity listings

Collectible currency

Compilations of information


Counterfeit item


Credit and debit card

Disaster and tragedy

Electronic equipment

Electronically delivered items

Embargoed goods

Encouraging illegal activity

Event tickets

Fertilizer and pesticides

Firearms and accessories


Funeral items

Gift cards

Government items

Hazardous materials

Human body parts

Illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia

Illegal explicit content

International trading


Live animals

Lockpicking devices

Lottery tickets

Medical devices

Military items

Offensive material

Personal information

Plants and seeds

Police-related items

Prescription and over-the-counter drugs

Price gouging

Product safety

Products with eligibility requirements

Prohibited adult items

Protecting minors

Real estate

Replica coins and currency

Slot machines

Social media and reviews manipulation

Stocks and securities

Stolen property

Tobacco and e-cigarettes


Violence and violent criminals

Virtual currency


What does LACANTUS sell?

LACANTUS focuses on Luxury Items, High-End Items, Collectibles, Rare and Unique Items, Items with historical or sentimental value, Artistic Items. These types of items should fall into any of the following categories:

  • Antique (Art: Paintings, Sculptures, Vases, etc).
  • Antiquities (Jewelry, Coins, Sculptures, Carved Stones).
  • Jewelry (Vintage, Antique, Estate, etc).
  • Gemstones (Diamonds, Colored Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies).
  • Watches (Vintage, Antique, Estate, Pocket Watches).
  • Modern Art (Paintings, Drawings, Sculptures, etc).
  • Furniture (Modern, Vintage, Antique).
  • Signed Design (High-End and Luxury Decor).
  • Comics (Posters, Cards, Signed, etc).
  • Signed Memorabilia (Posters, Publicity Photographs, Films, Books, etc).

We are no longer able to revalue or consign items from any category which is not listed above.

International selling policy

Buyer obligations: Customs fees and duties and delegation of authority

Buyers are responsible for customs fees and duties on items shipped internationally in accordance with local laws and regulations. Whether these fees are due at the time of the purchase or on delivery of the item is determined by the shipping method that the seller offers or that the buyer chooses and local laws and regulations.

If the buyer is making an international purchase from a US seller, and either the buyer or seller choose to ship the item using the international standard delivery, the buyer understands and agrees that they are the importer of record. LACANTUS international standard delivery shipments require that the buyer agrees to authorize DHL, or its subcontractors, to act on the buyer’s behalf as an agent to the buyer. The buyer authorizes this import of goods on their behalf and further agrees that DHL may delegate the obligation to import the goods to a subcontractor (for example, a customs broker).

If you are a buyer purchasing from international sellers for the purpose of importing the goods into a European Union country, you hereby appoint, authorize and empower, the relevant EU postal operator, express carrier or operator of similar nature which handles your import and delivery into the EU to act as your direct customs representative in accordance with article 18 in the Regulation (EU) No 952/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 9 October 2013 laying down the Union Customs Code. The legal measures of the empowerment are duly confirmed.


Signature confirmation policy

In order for sellers to receive protection on LACANTUS when a buyer reports an item not received or opens a payment dispute, and for buyers to be protected if a seller doesn’t receive a returned item, we require that signature confirmation is added when shipping higher value orders. The signature confirmation service upon receipt of the item is mandatory to use the LACANTUS sales services.


About signature confirmation

Signature confirmation is an additional service that you can purchase when you ship your items. In certain circumstances, we require that you add signature confirmation in order to receive protections on LACANTUS.


Requirements for sellers when shipping orders

When using LACANTUS services you’re required to purchase signature confirmation to be protected if a buyer reports an item not received or opens a payment dispute.

Evidence of signature confirmation may be required in order to be successful during a payment dispute, and to avoid additional dispute handling fees.


Requirements for buyers when returning orders

Buyers are required to purchase signature confirmation to be protected under the LACANTUS Money Back Guarantee.

When the buyer is responsible for the cost of shipping for a returned item, signature confirmation is required in order to be protected in case the item doesn’t make it back to the seller.

The total cost of the item is the selling price of the item, including tax.


Presale policy

Presale listings must clearly state that they are “presale” in the title and description, and guarantee shipment within 30 days of purchase.

In order to protect buyer and seller guarantees, presale listings must follow LACANTUS policy, including listing the date the item will be available to ship.

What is the policy?

  • Presale listings must guarantee that the item will be shipped within 30 days of purchase
  • The date the item will be available to ship must be clearly stated in the listing
  • Listings must clearly indicate in the title and description that the item is being offered for presale
  • Handling time details should include the time it will take the seller to acquire the item, in addition to the time it will take the seller to deliver the package to the shipping carrier

Activity that doesn’t follow LACANTUS policy could result in a range of actions including for example: administratively ending or canceling listings, hiding or demoting all listings from search results, lowering seller rating, buying or selling restrictions, and account suspension. All fees paid or payable in relation to listings or accounts on which we take any action will not be refunded or otherwise credited to your account.



This Section of the Payments Terms of Use applies to all Payment Services you receive from the LACANTUS Payment Entities (also collectively referred to as “we” or “us” in this Section).

1. About Payments on the LACANTUS Services

You agree to have the LACANTUS Payment Entities receive or execute payments on your behalf in relation to your use of the LACANTUS Services, and manage settlement of related payments to you (referred to as “Managed Payments,” “Payment Services,” or similar names).

Buyers may pay for your items using payment methods such as the following, the availability of which may vary:

  • Certain credit or debit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover),
  • PayPal,
  • Google Pay,
  • Apple Pay,
  • Direct debit,
  • “Pay Later” payment methods, otherwise known in some areas as payment via installments, or “direct debit upon invoice” or “payment upon invoice,” or “Buy Now Pay Later”,
  • LACANTUS coupons, gift cards, etc. (if applicable), or
  • Funds held in a stored value account issued under LACANTUS‘s Balance Terms and Conditions (currently only available to selected sellers residing or established in the United States).

We may modify the scope of payment methods available in our sole discretion.

The underlying contract for the buyer’s purchase of “items” (which may refer to goods and/or services) from you is directly concluded between you and the buyer, when the purchase is made through LACANTUS platform.

After a Managed Payments transaction occurs, you will receive a notification confirming such payment transaction. If a payment is made to you in error, or if you receive funds that you are not otherwise entitled to receive at the time of disbursement, we have the right to recoup such amounts from you.


Selling limits

LACANTUS currently has no sales limits for sellers, but will simply apply a moderation process to keep the marketplace healthy for everyone.

If you are just a casual seller, you can upload up to 100 items, and if you want to upload more items, you can contact us and based on your seller history we will surely allow you to upload another 100 items. LACANTUS will ask that you have successfully concluded at least one sale using the LACANTUS sales services.

If you are a business, company or professional seller, and you were able to verify it during the registration process, you will be able to upload up to 500 items. And if you want to upload more items, you simply have to contact us and based on your history we will surely allow you to upload another 500 items. LACANTUS will ask that you have successfully concluded at least one sale using the LACANTUS sales services.

And that’s it! Welcome! Happy Sales!