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Valuation Estimate

LACANTUS provides complimentary estimates for items which are suitable for sale with us. Please submit items from your collection through our online consignment form or simply apply as Seller and open your own Lacantus Store for FREE!


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When & Where to Sell

We will take care of your precious good, product, item or high value object and we will put it up for sale in our store and in several marketplaces simultaneously. We will also be offering it up for auction on our own platform with our international network of private collectors, as well as offering it on other auction platforms.

Your product / object or high value item will be visible on google, bing and yandex, and we will promote it through various advertising channels following a strict marketing strategy and we will only charge you a commission for the final sale. Do you think this is great? Of course it is.

Just relax and wait until the sale is successful!


We are inviting consignment submissions for our upcoming sales through our multiple sales and auctions channels.


Consigning / Selling your Property

Our consignment / selling agreement sets out the terms and conditions upon which your property will be offered for sale. For auctions on LACANTUS store or through external auction platforms, for sale on LACANTUS store, or through external marketplaces. Our partners specialists will recommend an estimate range and a reserve (minimum) price for your property.

If you become a LACANTUS seller the process is almost similar. Every time you upload a new Good, Product or high value Item to your own LACANTUS store a LACANTUS agents will validate or invalidate, evaluate and estimate your item(s) to put in front of your potential customers. We can also advise you on how and when to transport your property to us using your own shipper or one of our shipping partners.

Apply as Seller

We are inviting sellers submissions for our upcoming sales through our multiple sales and auctions channels.



For consignments:

For every item, LACANTUS charges the seller a vendor’s commission and sale-related expenses which typically include insurance, transport (when using our shipping partners). Our specialists will discuss these charges with you at the time of Consignment.


For LACANTUS Online Sellers:

All services are free on our platform for all accepted sellers. Creation of online store, listing of items, sale of items without seller commission, etc. The only mandatory condition is that you have to offer free shipping to all your customers.



After the Auction or Sale through any other channel, LACANTUS will notify the seller as to the status of each item offered for sale by email. Provided payment has been received from the buyer, we will pay net sale proceeds (the hammer price less the Vendor’s (or LACANTUS's commission and sale-related expenses) to the seller approximately 35 calendar days after the Auction or Sale through any other channel. In the unlikely event that your property does not sell, we will probably remove the item from various sales and advertising channels, but surely it could remain in LACANTUS indefinitely, if it was not listed in any other online sales site.



Please note that the seller program is a new section in LACANTUS, with the aim of facilitating and replacing the consignment process with a more dynamic and flexible process for different types of sellers.



What does LACANTUS sell?

LACANTUS focuses on Luxury Items, High-End Items, Collectibles, Rare and Unique Items, Items with historical or sentimental value, Artistic Items. These types of items should fall into any of the following categories:

  • Antique (Art: Paintings, Sculptures, Vases, etc).
  • Antiquities (Jewelry, Coins, Sculptures, Carved Stones).
  • Jewelry (Vintage, Antique, Estate, etc).
  • Gemstones (Diamonds, Colored Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies).
  • Watches (Vintage, Antique, Estate, Pocket Watches).
  • Modern Art (Paintings, Drawings, Sculptures, etc).
  • Furniture (Modern, Vintage, Antique).
  • Signed Design (High-End and Luxury Decor).
  • Comics (Posters, Cards, Signed, etc).
  • Signed Memorabilia (Posters, Publicity Photographs, Films, Books, etc).

We are no longer able to revalue or consign items from any category which is not listed above.

What are the differences between selling and consigning in LACANTUS?

To facilitate the processes we have merged both concepts. We recommend that if you only have a single property that you want to offer for sale, submit a consignment and if accepted, we will provide you with an estimate and take care of your property.

If you have 2 or more goods or properties that you want to offer for sale, we recommend that you register as a LACANTUS seller and provide us with as much information as possible about yourself and the items you wish to sell. Every time you upload a new item to our platform, our expert partners or LACANTUS agents will validate or invalidate, evaluate and estimate your item, and recommend a higher or lower price for sale. That price will be used as your reserve price for future auctions. Apply as a seller.

Will LACANTUS offer my item(s) in all marketplaces and auctions out there?

No, that is impossible. LACANTUS follows its own commercial methods and strategies. Some marketplaces do not accept certain items, and auctions generally follow the criteria of selling by category of items. Although sometimes items out of category can be included, it is not a correct promotional practice.

LACANTUS decides how and when it will offer its item(s) for sale, through its multiple commercial, advertising and auction channels.


What information do I need to provide to submit a consignment?

When submitting a consignment, we ask that you provide as much information as possible on the item in question. This includes the following examples for jewellery: material, age, certificate, brand, new-preowned-refurbished, official documentation (or box), purchase invoice (or receipt), gemstones, location of item, etc. The following examples for Art: artist/maker, title, signature, medium, execution date, location of item. Should you also have the provenance, literature or any price history, please add this information in the Additional Details box. In order to preserve your privacy we do not store any photo or video submitted in our servers.


Do you accept artist submissions?

Of course, we welcome and encourage artists to be part of LACANTUS and create their own LACANTUS store. We accept direct artist submissions from new and reowned artists. As an auction company working in several markets, we accept items that have already sold via a gallery or advisor on the primary / secondary market, and new items that were never sold or are not yet recognized in any market. Artists of all artistic styles are welcome.

Just a simple but very important detail, you have to prove in some way that all your artwork(s) is really yours and was made by you.


How long does it take to receive an estimate?

When your property is being reviewed by a our partner specialists, it could take a little longer to give you an answer and unfortunately we cannot respond favorably to all submissions. If you did not receive a response from us within 15 or 30 days, it probably means that your item did not correspond with our sales proposal.

On the other hand, if you were accepted as a LACANTUS seller, the item review process is faster and more dynamic. If your items have high sales prospects within LACANTUS commercial channels, they will be quickly validated or invalidated, evaluated and estimated by LACANTUS agents.


Is there a limit for consignment in LACANTUS?

There is a minimum limit of the estimated sale price of the item around $1000 to be accepted by LACANTUS. If your item is below that price, we recommend combining it with another related item, for example: a bracelet and a ring, to reach that amount, and we will offer it as a set.

We recommend consignment when you have only 1 item you want to sell and its price is above $2000. Otherwise, if you have many items of different prices, we recommend you apply as a LACANTUS seller.


Does LACANTUS charge for an estimate?

No, the estimates are completely free, but if you have not received a response from us within 15 or 30 days, we regret to inform you that your item(s) do not meet our criteria for sale, and we will not be able to offer you an estimate.


What are the fees / terms for consigning?

No, there is no fee for consignments, it is completely free. But if you do not receive a response within 15 or 30 days after submitting, we regret to inform you that your property may not meet LACANTUS's criteria for sale.


Can I submit multiple Items?

For your property to be reviewed as quickly as possible, we suggest you submit a separate enquiry for each item. If you would like to submit more than two items, please just apply as LACANTUS seller here.


Will my information be kept confidential?

We treat all client information as confidential. Please see our privacy policy for further details.


What are your sales policies?

Please find them here.


Some say that LACANTUS is cheaper than other auction platforms, is that true?

Better than that!
LACANTUS offers its platform free of charge for sellers. There is no listing fee (like Etsy), no category fee (like Ebay), no fee for owning your own shop (like Bonanza and Ebay) and no inconsistent inflated seller commissions (like 20%!! ?? on Poshmark) just for selling your items.

(In LACANTUS  there are only transaction fees automatically debited: payal, debit or credit card, etc, which are unavoidable.)

As a seller you have many expenses and services to pay, in addition to your personal expenses, personal taxes, business taxes, state taxes, federal taxes, etc., if you also have to pay so much just to be able to sell your items, your chances of selling are reduced because you have to offer your items at even more expensive prices.

So what do you do to try to sell those difficult items? You start investing in advertising, which adds a new expense, and surely you will have to increase the price of your items once again. This becomes an endless inflationary vicious circle, But those who suffer the most and pay in the end are the customers!

To summarize, in the end, you will see that as a seller or buyer of LACANTUS you will be able to offer or acquire unique items of great value at extremely reasonable prices.