Omega Watches, the clocks of space.

Omega watches are famous for their revolutionary technologies. The prototypes of this prestigious brand pass several tests established by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology and receive the COSC certification, issued only to “swiss made” products. Since its origins, the brand has contributed to making the history of the world-class watchmaking. From presidents and members of royal families, astronauts and special agents, movie stars and musicians, Omega watches were the choice of many extraordinary people, giving the company even more prestige.

Bringing innovation into the art of watchmaking is the critical objective of Omega’s heritage, drawing inspiration from everything that makes the difference: sports timekeeping, space conquests, movies (James Bond wears one).

The increasing quality of the products is due to the choice of new and ultramodern materials, such as gold, silicon and ceramics, and the continuous search for new alloys. On Lacantus Store you will find a fabulous assortment of Omega watches only for you. Get a Coupon!