LACANTUS STORE official auction house at LiveAuctioneers is offering you this unique opportunity in 3 simple steps


    STEP 1

    Send us photos of your high-value objects, along with the description and some documentation of purchase of the object, or a certificate of the value of the object by a specialist.

    The minimum sale value of your object must be 2000 dollars. Don’t be discouraged you can create an object package or bundle, read on.


    STEP 2

    If your item is accepted by LACANTUS STORE, it will be auctioned at the next auction. You will not pay anything to be able to expose your objects in front of the bidders from all over the world. You will only pay a 15% commission if the object is sold. If it is not sold, and you wish to re-display the same item at the next auction, you will have to pay $ 50 to add it to the new inventory.


    STEP 3

    If the object is sold. LACANTUS STORE withholds the money from the payment made by the buyer until you ship or deliver the item. If the buyer is satisfied, you will receive the money directly. If the buyer is not satisfied, Lacantus Store withholds his money until he returns the item to you. LACANTUS STORE works as an intermediary to protect both parties.


    That is all! Very simple, right?

    If you need more information please continue reading this article (or write us to, or NOW!).


    Would you like to sell your antique and unique objects on one of the largest auction platforms in the world?

    LiveAuctioneers is an exclusive platform for official auction houses and it’s not open to the general public to sell products or objects such as ebay or amazon. Individuals can only bid and buy on this platform.

    Perhaps you are a collector with a huge inventory of extremely interesting items to sell, or perhaps you inherited hundreds of high-value items, but selling those items on Amazon will surely get rejected, and selling them on Ebay could take a lifetime. With the sheer number of items similar to yours, your chances of selling are reduced, and the time and effort spent may be too much if you have to go to work or engage in other, more important activities.

    Perhaps you have just one high-value item or a few high-value items that you want to sell, and you want an audience of actual auction bidders rather than just shoppers used to buying at retail. You also believe that your item has much more value than a pawn shop could offer you.


    So, what to do? How can we make our items or objects visible on this platform that has millions of bidders from all over the world?

    The answer is simple: LACANTUS STORE, official auction house at LiveAuctioneers, gives you this unique opportunity to display your products or objects to buyers who could pay large amounts of money for your items.


    So how do I know if my items are eligible to be part of LACANTUS STORE auctions?

    The minimum value of your objects confirmed by a specialist, certified through a purchase receipt, etc, must be 2000 USD. But don’t be discouraged, if you don’t have an individual item of that value, you can add more items of value to your main item creating a bundle to increase the value of your individual object at the auction. For example, if you have a collectible watch priced at $ 1,500, you can add some interesting decorative sculpture that could be worth $ 500, or maybe two pieces of jewelry worth $ 200 and $ 300. In this simple way you can reach the required price to be accepted by Lacantus Store. An important detail is that the main object must have a minimum value of 1500 US dollars.


    This is very interesting for you, right? Now, I imagine that you would like to know what are the objects that could be auctioned. The list is so large and the options are so many that first we will tell you what are the things that LACANTUS STORE do not accept in its auctions:


    • Drugs or narcotics.
    • Firearms or real weapons.
    • Live or stuffed animals.
    • Chemical or industrial products or substances, etc.


    Now we will briefly tell you about some of the items that LACANTUS STORE accepts within its auctions:



    What are the benefits?

    Many, you will have quality buyers for your quality items. You don’t want to go to a pawn shop where they will surely divide the value of the item in half (if these people are honest) or cut it even further. With Lacantus Store you decide the price at which you want to sell your product or object. But there is a limit in reverse, the minimum value accepted by Lacantus is 2000 dollars to be sold.


    Is there a price to auction with LACANTUS STORE?

    The good news is that it is 100% free. You will pay nothing to display your items to millions of buyers around the world. Even if it doesn’t sell, you won’t pay anything. You will only pay a 15% commission if your item is sold. And if the items did not sell in your first auction and you want to re-display the same item in the next auction, you will only have to pay an additional of $ 50 to LACANTUS STORE each time.

    In order for LACANTUS STORE to immediately agree to auction your exquisite objects, you must prove in some way that the value of your item is what you say it is. With a certificate, a purchase invoice, a review by a specialist, etc.


    What happens if you win an auction?

    You will surely be very happy that you were able to sell your beautiful valuables!

    What happens next is that LACANTUS STORE works as a fair intermediary between both parties: The buyer and the seller (you).
    For example, once LACANTUS STORE receives the payment from the buyer, it will hold the payment until the buyer receives the product or item. If the buyer confirms that they are satisfied with the purchase, they will receive the money immediately. If the buyer is not satisfied, he must resend or deliver the product or object to you (seller). Once you have your item in your hands again and verify that everything is perfectly well, LACANTUS STORE will return the money to the buyer. And everyone is happy!

    Please notice: It is your responsibility to find out how to properly ship an item of high value without risk of damage or loss. You have to know that making the international shipment of certain types of objects such as antiques, metals or precious stones entails some complications in customs. 


    What if you don’t sell anything?

    Believe it or not, it can happen. Why? Very simple, do not forget that the duration of an auction is only a few days, or sometimes even hours. If those long-awaited buyers didn’t take a look at our beautiful items at the time, maybe they and we missed the opportunity. But Lacantus Store carries out global promotions and advertising to reach the largest number of buyers specifically interested in the type of product that you are offering at that precise moment. Consigning with LACANTUS STORE increases your possibilities above any other auction house.