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Who are the sellers on Lacantus Auctions?

Lacantus Store has exclusive partners suppliers / dealers from all over the world acquiring unique and authentic items of the highest quality level and excellence. Lacantus Auctions was created to provide a secure marketplace for buyers and partners suppliers to trade in works of Ancient & Modern Art, Exotic Objects, etc. Although Lacantus may provide certificates for each product in most cases, facilitate transactions, payments, etc. Click here to begin the registration process.

Is there a fee to get started?

There is no fee to apply as a seller, but to register as a buyer there is a $500 USD fee (or if you can prove that you have made a purchase from Lacantus Store in the past, you could have free access to participate on any Lacantus Auction).

In order to participate on Lacantus Auctions you will be required to enter a credit card upon registration. In order for Lacantus Store to provide assurance to our sellers, all credit cards must be properly verified for our system.

How does bidding work?

All lots / products offered on Lacantus Auctions have a reserve price. The reserve price must be met in order for the work to be sold. Enter an amount that is greater than or equal to the starting or current bid. Our general bidding increments are as follows (sometimes could be different) :

Below 2,000 USD 100 USD
2,000–4,999 USD 200 USD
5,000–9,999 USD 500 USD
10,000–19,999 USD 1,000 USD
20,000–49,999 USD 2,000 USD
50,000–99,999 USD 5,000 USD
100,000–199,999 USD 10,000 USD
200,000–499,999 USD 20,000 USD
500,000–999,999 USD 50,000 USD
1,000,000 USD and above 100,000 USD


You may place a bid at the next increment, or place a maximum Your maximum bid can be greater than or equal to the reserve price.

Can I cancel or retract my bid?

All bids are binding and cannot be canceled or retracted. Mistakes can occur, in which case, you must contact a member of our client services team via email.

Possible reasons for bid retraction or cancellation may include entering the incorrect bid amount (for example: $10,000 instead of $1,000) or changes to the lot description, if those changes were made after the bid was placed.

I have a question about an auction lot / product, what should I do?

Lacantus Auctions specialists are available to answer your questions. To inquire about a particular lot / product, simply send us an email with the "Contact Specialist” or ""Auction Inquire" subject.

What is the Lacantus Auction shipping policy?

Every seller is required to post detailed shipping information for his or her lots / products. Typically, buyers are responsible for paying all shipping and insurance costs, which in turn may depend on the distance the artwork will travel and the final hammer price/final bid amount.

Why did the auction end after its original close time?

If a bid is placed 5 minutes before the auction is set to close, the auction closing could be extended by 5 or 10 minutes, depending on lot / product type and price.

As the winning bidder, how can I pay for an item I've won?

After the close of an auction, you will receive an automated email from if you are the winning bidder. Lacantus Store specialists will check that all bidding and auction process were correct. And you'll receive an email with a private link to purchase your lot / product from Lacantus Store like a normal product. During checkout process you can see the shipping cost of your product and you will be prompted to enter your location and choose your preferred payment methods.

Once you confirm that payment has been sent (or placed order). Please note that it is your responsibility to pay the shipper directly for all shipping and insurance costs.

Can I list an item for auction and sell on Lacantus Store?

Yes. First you must apply as seller. Then you must provide us all the information about your lot / product and we'll list the item for you.

Is there a fee to sell on Lacantus Auctions?

Yes. There is a commission based on product price. That's all.

Lot / Product Price Commission
$1,000–5,000 10%
$5,001–10,000 7%
$10,001–15,000 5%
$15,001 and above 3%


Where can I find the Products / Items for Live Online Auctions?

Please kindly click here. In order to get full access to Live Online Auction Listing and Start Bidding now, please click here. Don't forget that you should be logged when purchasing Gold Ticket Access.

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