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There is only one excellent alternative: LACANTUS STORE


Hello everyone, if you came to this article, you are surely one of many people or sellers who just want to be able to sell online without so many complications.

Surely you are looking for a platform that allows you to create your own online store in a few steps, having different payment methods to offer your customers and to be able to sell your products or services smoothly with no listing fees, monthly fees, etc.

Maybe you are an artist or a creator, maybe you have high-quality products or antiques that you need to be able to sell, but you encountered so many difficulties every time you wanted to start your business online that you decided to stop your activity and we don’t want that, because we want you to be successful!


Some of those difficulties perhaps were the complexity of things that these services ask for and charge just to be able to upload a product online. They just want money, money, and more money, and they are not interested in letting you grow.

Imagine, you just started your business, before you have earned your own monthly salary by selling, they ask you to pay a monthly fee, putting your financial situation as part of the sales challenge. Here we have a different philosophy. You only pay when you sell. Easy right?

Before moving on, let me ask you a few simple questions:

  • Are you tired of amazon? Tired of how expensive it is? Tired of its complexity and confusing interface?
  • Tired of ebay fees? Tired that there are fees for everything on eBay? Like the new “Good ‘Til Canceled” fee added in 2019.
  • Tired of Etsy’s “listing fee of $ 0.20”? Tired of monthly Bigcommerce and Shopify subscriptions?
  • Tired of Walmart’s ridiculous “Referral Fee” by product category (like amazon)? Different fees simply because the category is different? There is no sense.

The list is long and never ends. Dissatisfied customers from all over the world with these online sales platforms. And they believe they cannot escape.

At Lacantus Store we make things simple. There are no subscriptions, monthly or annual payments, “listing fees”, “advanced fees”, different fees by product category, etc, there are no differences between professional seller or individual seller, because what you sell and how much you sell depends on you. All sellers can have their own store up and running today, and they do not have to pay a subscription to have their own store in Lacantus Store. It sounds amazing, right?

What are our simple requirements to be part of Lacantus Store family? Simply sell high-quality, unique products, and be committed to customer satisfaction. Any product that you sell has to cost more than $ 50 or $ 100, they can be made by yourself, like a painting, but they cannot be second-hand things. The only accepted used items are antiques, or luxury brand products, or high-end jewelry. Notice, that The products that are prohibited from selling in Lacantus Store are the same as in other online shops, except for art, fine art, antiques, and jewelry that are accepted here.

Deep commitment to the Customer / Client

Another requirement is that in your first 10 sales you cannot have any dissatisfied customers. Any error that occurs with the shipment of the product, or if the product suffered any damage during shipping, etc., and your customer is unsatisfied, we always recommend you return the money to your customer, in this way you will demonstrate your commitment to customer satisfaction and the high level of your own products and services.

If for any reason you do not intend to return the money, and the situation between seller and buyer is very confusing, Lacantus Store team will proceed to return the money to your client, and will close your seller store permanently. It is logical, right?

Our philosophy of high quality has to be reflected in your own store, not only by your products, but also by the respect you have for your customers.

Our fees for any product or any category that you want to sell is always the same: 5% + transaction fees, which depends on the payment method chosen by the buyer (credit card, paypal, bitcoin, etc.) and the payment of $ 50   just once and forever (for real business, and just $ 25 for individuals selling products, and FREE for creators, artists, etc), to activate your account and get your own Lacantus Store today!

The payment required to activate your account simply serves to filter real and compromised sellers from fake sellers.

What are the welcome categories at Lacantus Store?

Electronics (New HQ, not used).
Clothing for men and women (New HQ or Handmade, not second hand).
Furniture (New, handmade or real antiques, not second-hand).
Jewelry (New, handmade, used or antique).
Collection watches (New, used, only luxury brands).
Smart Watches (New HQ)
Footwear, women’s or men’s shoes (New HQ, handmade, luxury brands).
Musical instruments (new, handmade, used by a renowned artist).
Crockery, plates, glasses, cutlery (new HQ, handmade, gold, silver, antiques).
Decoration, tapestries, rugs, ornaments, etc (new HQ, handmade, in gold, silver, not second-hand).
Art, paintings, sculptures, statues, etc (any material, new or used, original and high quality, antiques).
Original digital goods of author are also possible (music, artistic videos, creative videos, audio stories, video stories, audio tips, video tips, audio coaching, video coaching, etc).

Surely there may be other categories but it will be up to you to propose them.

In the same way as using the other online services (like amazon, ebay, shopify, bigcommerce, walmart, etsy, etc.), we strongly recommend using your own social networks to redirect your customers to your own store in Lacantus Store. Because Lacantus Store has its own general visitor traffic, but notice that your unique and original products or services may need specific customers.

If you are ready to go just apply here as seller and start selling today !

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