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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it FREE?

Yes, 100% FREE! It costs absolutely nothing to become an affiliate in LACANTUS STORE!

What happens if the visitor on my site clicks the affiliate link but doesn’t buy a product immediately?

When people click your link they get a 90 day cookie which means that we will be able to identify them for 90 days. If they buy a product any time during this period, we’ll be able to attribute this lead to you unless cookie is cleared.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small pieces of text information stored in your browser. They serve as an identifier of a certain action. The affiliate marketing cookies contain the affiliate ID, so if the customer buy a product during the cookie length after clicking the affiliate link, the conversion is attributed to the affiliate. In LACANTUS, the cookie length is 90 days.

What are the conditions to succeed with LACANTUS Affiliate Program?

You have to have a website, blog, or social media channel with high traffic and quality design. In your field of promotion, you are writing about High-End, Luxury and High Quality Products, made with High-Quality Materials by experts craftsmen, and more. You are also writing about all kind of events, like Weddings, Ceremonies, Celebrations, Meetings, Reunions, Conferences, Special Dinners, Luxury Travels, Resorts & Hotels, etc, targeting your audience toward the High-Quality, Glamour and High-Level environments. You have to have at least a basic understanding of affiliate marketing.

I don’t have a PayPal, is there any other way to get commissions?

We can pay your commissions via PayPal only. It’s free to start a PayPal account and doesn’t take much time.

What are the main mistakes of LACANTUS affiliates?

The number one mistake is forgetting to add their affiliate link when they mention LACANTUS STORE. In this case, we can’t attribute leads coming from that account to them and commissions may be lost. The second mistake is promoting LACANTUS to the wrong audience. To succeed in any affiliate program, you should choose products that fit your audience. Otherwise, your visitors may feel confused with the offers you promote.

Is there any limit to earn commissions?

There is no limit to earn commissions! It’s Fast and Easy!

If you are an individual entrepreneur starting your own business, first of all think in your audience, be clear, consistent and coherent. Build your network respecting the content of LACANTUS STORE that you are sharing. Build your network respecting the people that you are targeting. In the advanced level of communication using professionals marketing tools, you could  automate the process by scheduling the tasks of “sharing” or “creating” new content.

Can I Promote a Crowdfunding Project?

Yes, of course you can! But before do that, you’ll need to contact us, and we’ll contact the Crowdfunding Owner, to propose this promotion. If the Crowdfunding Owner agree to be your partner, he could share until 50% of profits with you. There is no limit to increases incomes by promoting Crowdfunding Projects.

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Please, Contact Us with the subject  “AFFILIATE PROGRAM” or “AP” telling us a little about yourself and your communication methods! And we’ll be happy to send you our LACANTUS Affiliate Program Mini-Guide for “Starting People”!


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