Affiliate Sales Control Panel

- This is the affiliates section of Lacantus Store. If you are an existing affiliate, please log in to access your control panel.

- If you are not an affiliate, but wish to become one, you will need to apply. To apply, you must be a registered user on Lacantus Store first.

- If you wish to learn more about The Lacantus Store Affiliate Program, please click here.

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  • By default your Commission Rate for all Luxury Products of Lacantus Store LLC will be 5% or 7%, as a trial period. 
  • If you consider you can promote Lacantus Store LLC products on a professional level through your audience, contact us ( and we will increase your commission rate to 10% or 12% per sale.
  • If the customer requests a refund of his product, the sale is cancelled, and by default the commission obtained for this sale is automatically canceled as well. Read our Affiliates Terms.