The prestigious Collection of Exquisite Collectibles and Objects are a Portrait of LACANTUS Philosophy. The only place where you will find Beautiful Designs, High-Class Materials, High-End Brands, Unique and Extremely Rare Objects and an extraordinary variety of creations of the human intellect, from the finest craftsmanship or creators from different periods of times.

The Exclusive Catalogue of LACANTUS is Divided in three sections: Antiques / Vintages / Brand New offering a wide selection of Work of Arts, Sculptures, Objects, Jewelry, Preowned and Brand New Products. LACANTUS define Elegance, Luxury and Passion for the Highest Level of Quality as never before.

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Time never stops. It is immaterial and infinite as the universe. But we can capture its quintessence through the finest and sophisticated technology of time. From Brand New to preowned Luxury Watches (with Official Papers and Box) .


The LACANTUS Jewelry Collections, represent nature’s most incandescent colors and are then masterfully handcrafted into designs that eloquently celebrate nature’s incredible artistry. From Modern Jewelry to Preowned / Vintage and Antiques.


Find the most Unique, Rare, Extraordinary and Beautiful Object or Work of Art, from different time periods, and wonderful cultures and countries from all over the world.

If you have an exquisite taste for collecting exceptionally Unique items, LACANTUS has the powerful gift of finding them for you and delivering them to your doorstep for your Delight and Comfort.


QUALITY IS A WAY OF LIFE. The LACANTUS Collection FOR MEN has an impeccable reputation on the strong design, and craftsmanship, with a unique and original style. Be a perfect gentleman radiating your strong presence anywhere. 


Feel Glamorous and Beautiful, or feel Casual, Timeless and Modern with The Best Collection of LACANTUS FOR WOMEN. From European designers, high-class Materials, and Exquisite Craftmanship, giving you Sensuality, Elegance and an Evocative Allure.

Arts & Antiques

Are you a collector whose passion is acquiring and living with art, antiques and high-end collectibles? You are in the right place. Art and Antiques grew in global wealth and increased sales at the top of the market. Art and Antiques increase their value over time, and for many people, Art and Antiques are a form of investment. Welcome to LACANTUS Arts and Antiques Store, where you can buy and participate in online auctions. Most of our products are certified and obtained from legitimate sources.

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For you, For him or For her. Are you living the best time of your life? Would you like to represent this magical moment with a rainstorm and then gracefully brush the sky with a rainbow? The most extraordinary diamonds and colored gemstones are here for you. The LACANTUS Collection of Jewelery, represent nature’s most incandescent colors and are then masterfully handcrafted into designs that eloquently celebrate nature’s incredible artistry.

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As an open mind and dynamic business model, LACANTUS evolves quickly and reinvents itself every time, offering business opportunities for the fittest. If you have a company, startup, business, or you are a Social Media influencer and want to talk about strategies and opportunities, do not hesitate to send us your proposal. If you want to sell your products or services through our platform. Contact Us.

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